About Us
Noah And Jennifer Persson, Owners of Beautiful Day DJs
Our Mission... Our Values...
Your Celebration!

Our mission is to provide a tasteful and fun atmosphere with friendly, professional service. Our goal is to ensure your Beautiful Day will be a smashing success! We are Christians who believe that music and dance are tools that have been given to us all for times of celebration.
We share this mission so our customers understand the principles and guidelines by which we strive to conduct our business. Beautiful Day DJs recognizes that there are many beliefs and respects your right to express your beliefs as you so choose.

From Humble Beginnings...

Beautiful Day DJs, a family-owned company, which began back in the mid-90's with just two CD-changers and a 200-Watt home theater system. Company founder, Mark Haugen, started casually playing at parties and events around the campus of the University of Minnesota, Morris. This gave him the vision to provide clean, positive, and upbeat music in a fun and tasteful atmosphere for all to enjoy.

In 2007, Noah Persson joined Beautiful Day DJs. Together, Mark and Noah continued to serve the Greater Twin Cities Area with their creative style and unique form of DJ entertainment. After many years of service, Mark decided to pursue new adventures and he passed ownership of the company to Noah. Since then, Noah has successfully carried on the legacy of Beautiful Day DJs and the values for which the company still stands by today: providing professional and high quality service to all clients for any type of event.
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